A Nobel Encounter for Taha Rouabah: Celebrating Robin Kaiser’s Legacy at His 60th Birthday Symposium

Dr. Taha Rouabah had recently the honor of participating in the “Robin Kaiser 60th Birthday Symposium”, a remarkable event that celebrated the 60th birthday of his esteemed PhD supervisor, Robin Kaiser. This event was a testament to Robin’s significant contributions to the field of physics and his extensive collaborative network.

About Robin Kaiser

Robin Kaiser is a highly recognized researcher in his field. He has worked with a large number of collaborators throughout his career, and his 60th birthday was a great occasion to invite some of them to celebrate his achievements.

Robin’s journey in the world of physics is truly inspiring. He was a PhD student of Alain Aspect, a renowned physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2022 for his experimental work on quantum entanglement. Robin also had the privilege of working in the team behind the Nobel-winning experiment of Claude Cohen-Tannoudji at the Institut d’Optique in Paris.

The Symposium

Event’s poster

The symposium took place at INPHYNI (France) and spanned two days, filled with insightful discussions and presentations. The event was a blend of in-person and online presentations, allowing for a wide range of participation. The program included talks from distinguished speakers like Alain Aspect, who presented on “Hanbury Brown and Twiss correlations: from photon to atom quantum optics. It was a thrilling experience for Dr. Rouabah to be part of this event alongside such a high-level community, including a Physics Nobel laureate.

Taha’s presentation
Taha’s presentation

A standout moment of the symposium, particularly for us at CQTech, was the presentation by our founder and Principal Investigator, Taha Rouabah. His presentation, titled “Multiple scattering of light by dilute disordered atomic clouds” highlighted the most important work and findings of his PhD, which he completed under the supervision of Robin Kaiser between 2012 and 2015 at INLN, Nice. His talk underscored the enduring impact of his doctoral studies on his current work at CQTech.

“Participating in Robin’s 60th birthday symposium was an enriching experience. It was a unique opportunity to engage with leading physicists and to celebrate the achievements of Robin, a mentor who has significantly influenced my academic journey,” Dr. Rouabah said.

Alain Aspect, Robin Kaiser, and Taha Rouabah
From left to right: Alain Aspect, 2022 Physics Nobel Prize laureate and former PhD supervisor of Robin Kaiser, Taha Rouabah, CQTech PI, and Robin Kaiser, Taha’s former PhD supervisor.

The symposium was not just a celebration of Robin Kaiser’s 60th birthday, but also a celebration of scientific collaboration, intellectual curiosity, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge..

Mohamed Taha Rouabah
Mohamed Taha Rouabah
Associate Professor of Physics

ARISE Fellow, Principal Investigator at Constantine Quantum Technologies, Associate Professor at University of Constantine 1 (Algeria).