Womanium Quantum Program 2023

CQTech is excited to invite you to the Womanium 2023 Quantum Summer Program, a comprehensive program designed to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn about the latest advances in quantum computing.

Last year’s Womanium Quantum Program was a great success, with well over 1000 participants from around the world. Our team was thrilled to win two prizes in the Womanium global hackathon 2022, and we were able to use our skills to have a remarkable positive overall impact on the event.

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Enroll now: https://womanium.org/Quantum

CQTech is a proud partner of Womanium in the 2023 Quantum Summer Program, and we are confident that our partnership will help make the 2023 Quantum Summer Program a success. We are excited to share our expertise in quantum computing with the participants and help them learn about the latest advances in this exciting field.

The program will run from July 2nd to July 28th, 2023 (daily), and then carry on weekly until August 28th, 2023, and will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Quantum sensing
  • Quantum computing software
  • Quantum computing hardware
  • Quantum key distribution
  • Quantum algorithms and programming
  • Quantum error correction

In addition to the core modules, the program will also offer a number of workshops and bootcamps, including: Quantum Key Distribution (QWorld), Optimization and Simulation using Neutral Atoms (QuEra), Solving the Traveling Salesman Problem with the QUBO Formulation (Terra Quantum), Bootcamp on Circuit Optimization (qBraid), and many more.

The program is open to everyone interested in the quantum realm, regardless of age or background. No prior experience with quantum computing is required. Registration is open until June 25th. To learn more and to register, please visit the Womanium website: https://womanium.org/Quantum.

Nacer eddine Belaloui
Nacer eddine Belaloui
Ph.D student in Theoretical Physics

PhD student in Theoretical Physics. Working on Cold Atoms and Quantum Computing.

R. Abdelmouheymen Khamadja
R. Abdelmouheymen Khamadja
Master’s student in Theoretical Physics

Theoretical physics student and CQTech intern

Mohamed Taha Rouabah
Mohamed Taha Rouabah
Associate Professor of Physics

ARISE Fellow, Principal Investigator at Constantine Quantum Technologies, Associate Professor at University of Constantine 1 (Algeria).