Dr. Rouabah's participation to CoMA 2022

A few days earlier to the World Science Forum 2022 (WSF 2022), in his quality of an ARISE Fellow, Dr. Rouabah attended the 2nd Connecting Minds Africa Conference 2022 (CoMA 2022) organized by the African Academy of Science (AAS) as a side event to the WSF 2022 taking place from 6-9 December 2022, in Cape Town, South Africa. A series of scientific sessions have been held between 2-9 Dec 2022 among which Dr. Rouabah’s presentation in which he exposed some aspects of CQTech’s research and education activities.

CoMA is about changing the voice and the dialogue on Africa’s development from challenges to opportunities and to a truly African voice. It is about science leading Africa’s leapfrog agenda whilst conscious of the unique cultural and social dynamics of our people, our places, and our institutions. We are defining connecting as “joining or linking together to provide access and enable honest and authentic communication,” with the continent’s best minds in science. Through CoMA 2022, ARISE Fellows had a chance to showcase and disseminate their research findings to a wide scientific community that includes Fellows of the AAS, researchers in other programs, and the WSF conference participants.

Mohamed Taha Rouabah
Mohamed Taha Rouabah
Associate Professor of Physics

ARISE Fellow, Principal Investigator at Constantine Quantum Technologies, Associate Professor at University of Constantine 1 (Algeria).