CQTraining: Practical quantum computing for UC1’s Theoretical Physics students

CQTech recently organized a two-day training program for Master’s level students of University of Constantine 1 (UC1) in Algeria. The program aimed to introduce students to the basics of quantum programming with Qiskit and serve as a practical application of their theoretical course on “Quantum Information and Quantum Computing” taught by Professor Achour Benslama. The program was designed to be inclusive, and that is why some Bachelor level students and some already graduated students who wanted to learn about the latest developments in quantum computing also attended.

The training program was held on December 18th and December 20th 2022. During the first day, Nacer introduced the students to the Qiskit SDK. The students gained hands-on experience with Qiskit when they created and executed their first-ever quantum circuits. In the second day, Abdellah taught them how to implement the quantum teleportation protocole. The students were thrilled to apply their knowledge and learn about the latest technological development in the field. The training was a valuable opportunity for the students to learn about quantum computing, a field that is rapidly growing in importance.

Messaoud and, CQTech’s PI, Dr Rouabah assisted the speakers during both days of training both technically and pedagogically. The CQTech training program was a success, and the students left with a greater understanding of quantum computing and programming. The program was designed to be both informative and practical, and it succeeded in achieving those goals. The students who attended the program will be better equipped to enter the field of quantum computing, and CQTech is proud to have contributed to their education.

Mohamed Messaoud Louamri
Mohamed Messaoud Louamri
Ph.D student in Theoretical Physics

PhD student in Theoretical Physics and member of CQTech working on Quantum Simulation and on Optimization Problems.