qBraid announces HAQS! CQTech will provide support for the event

Starting this Friday, October 21st 2022, qBraid, a Chicago-based cloud platform for quantum software development, will launch its industry-focused quantum technology event in which quantum experts will give talks on a variety of aspects of the industry. The speakers will be from companies and organizations such as AWS, BMW, MIT, Pasqal, Capgemini, LANL, QuSTEAM, Sandia National Labs, and USRA/NASA.
A Hackathon will also be held during the event where participants will work on real-world challenges, gain valuable skills in quantum computing and algorithms, and win prizes!

HAQS Poster
Create an account at https://account.qbraid.com/ to participate.

Constantine Quantum Technologies is collaborating with qBraid and Womanium in the organization of HAQS, and CQTech members will be there to support qBraid in making this event a successful one. CQTech members will ensure technical support for the talks, guide the participants through their quantum journey with qBraid, and accompany them in the Hackathon.

HAQS will start this Friday, October 21st, at 11am EDT (4pm UTC+1), and will continue until November 5th. Learn more about it at https://qbraid.com/haqs/.

Nacer eddine Belaloui
Nacer eddine Belaloui
Ph.D student in Theoretical Physics

PhD student in Theoretical Physics. Working on Cold Atoms and Quantum Computing.