Team CQTech won twice the first prize at the Global Quantum Hackathon by Womanium

Members of CQTech participated in the Global Quantum Hackathon, organized by Womanium as part of the Global Quantum Computing & Entrepreneurship Program. The team tackled two challenges instead of just one, and won both! The only team to do so.

In the Hackathon were 13 challenges, focusing on the software, hardware, business, and educational aspects of quantum computing. The participating teams would choose at least one challenge and apply their newly acquired skills on real world problems, proposed by various companies and organizations. The CQTech team participated in two challenges: Quantum Random Numbers Generation (QRNG) using Boson Sampling, from ORCA Computing, and the Quantum Hardware Education challenge from QWorld, with Topological Quantum Computing (TQC) as the chosen subject.

For the QRNG challenge, a Python package called cqt-qrng was created. With this package, the user can generate true random numbers using 2 real quantum device backends as entropy sources, and 3 simulated quantum entropy sources.

In their QWorld’s challenge, the team prepared a full course to introduce Computer Science students to TQC with a series of notebooks, using a practical approach and visualizations of Anyons’ dynamics rather than unnecessary in-depth physics. In addition to this, a physically accurate Anyons simulator was provided to correctly simulate topological qubits and topological quantum gates.

CQTech’s solutions were highly appreciated by the judges and the Hackathon participants and both won the first prize in their respective category. Team CQTech was the only team to win two first prizes in the event!

Nacer eddine Belaloui
Nacer eddine Belaloui
Ph.D student in Theoretical Physics

PhD student in Theoretical Physics. Working on Cold Atoms and Quantum Computing.