CQTech members participate in the Global Quantum Computing & Entrepreneurship Program, earning their QBronze and QSilver certificates

Three of CQTech’s PhD students took part in Womanium’s Global Quantum Computing & Entrepreneurship Program where, in addition to learning about various Quantum Computing hardware technologies, they were trained in Quantum Programming by QWorld’s instructors during the first four weeks of the program.

The training included introductions to two quantum programming libraries, namely Qiskit and Cirq. QWorld’s QBronze and QSilver courses also included Grover’s search algorithm, the Quantum Fourier Transform, Quantum Phase Estimation, the Order Finding algorithm, and Shor’s algorithm.

After passing their online exams and submitting their assignments, the students obtained both the QBronze and QSilver diplomas.

Nacer eddine Belaloui
Nacer eddine Belaloui
Ph.D student in Theoretical Physics

PhD student in Theoretical Physics. Working on Cold Atoms and Quantum Computing.